Current Data is a comprehensive collection of databases that provide customers with an easy-to-use web interface in order to analyze vessel owner/operator and vessel characteristics and consequently, make more informed business decisions.

Operators, for instance, can use the information to understand their competitors’ fleet dynamics and counter maneuver accordingly. Furthermore, industry service providers can use the information Current Data is able to procure in order to create a robust business development program.

Current Data’s ultimate goal is to build databases for commercial vessel types operating under the United States Jones Act.


Module 1 – Inland Tank Barges and Inland Towboats (Available)

Module 2a – Coastal Tank Barges (coming soon)

Module 2b – Inland and Offshore Tugboats (coming soon)

Extensively researched, the information in this module has been carefully organized and categorized, with up to 30 data points for each vessel operating in the market. Customers can access this information by selecting one of the following subscriptions:

Standard Version

Provides access to global market information through charts and graphs with limited drill-down and query capabilities.

Pro Version

Provides comprehensive access to global market information through charts and graphs and provides extensive drill-down and query capabilities to better and more easily refine data.

Note: For a flat fee, ad hoc reports are also available to customers looking for specific vessel search parameters.


  • Work more efficiently. Current Data does all of the time-consuming research, allowing you to focus more time on data analysis..
  • Make better business decisions. Focus on what is really important. When you and your team can shift the focus from data collection to data analysis, you have more time and greater clarity to make decisions that optimize productivity and profitability.  
  • Out maneuver the competition. The research provided by Current Data is the key to making smarter, better business decisions—especially when it comes to surpassing the competition.